The SuperNova Acceleration Probe
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


  • Supernova Cosmology Project - The international team led by Dr. Saul Perlmutter at LBNL that co-discovered Dark Energy in 1998.
  • CCDs - LBNL site with information on Charged Coupled Devices useful for SNAP.
  • SNAP Public Folders - A collection of public documents from the SNAP collaboration.
  • High Z Supernova Search - The team led by Dr. Brian Schmidt that co-discovered Dark Energy in 1998.
  • Large Synoptic Survey Telescope - A proposed ground-based telescope that will utilize weak lensing to learn more about dark energy.
  • The Universe Adventure is a delightful Flash tour of the Universe and our models of it. It goes over basic science of astronomy, leading up to the important principles of cosmology. It was sponsored by the Physics Department at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.


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